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»Presentation on Paradism at the University of Toronto
On September 27, the Paradism concept was presented at the University of Toronto. According to Patr ...
»Raelians visit the Montreal Comiccon 2014
By Alain MoreauThe superheroes of small and big screen fascinate and entertain millions of people ar ...
»Raelians celebrate International Peace Day across the US
Last Sunday was International Peace Day and Raelians held One Minute for Peace Meditations in cities ...
»International Day of Peace in Canada: Let’s meditate one minute for peace!
From Stéphane Salois, in charge of organizing these peaceful gatherings in CanadaOn September 21 the ...
»A unique afternoon in the streets of Toronto, a robot talks about Paradism!
What a frenzy around Sico, this friendly robot that helped spreading a new approach to solve our fut ...

Date published: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:37:13 -0500
 FAQ #1
How many Raelians exist worldwide?
As of August 2008, we have over 70,000 members in 97 countries.
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