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»Iranian and American women, similar discrimination, same fight
2007 was one of the landmarks in the chronicle of my life. On the 1st Sunday of April, not only I of ...
»Maitreya Rael: ‘Only maximum responsibilization can save the world!’
Following the recent developments between the US and North Korea, the Raelian Movement would like to ...
»Times Square peace ads.
While the United Nations Conference to negotiate a nuclear weapon ban leading towards their total el ...
»Gilad Atzmon at Raelian gathering in Los Angeles
Gilad has been a strong critic of the state of Israel and its policies towards Palestinians for a lo ...
»Open Letter to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Premier Minister of Canada
Dear Mister Justin Trudeau,Your election as Prime Minister of Canada more than a year ago brought fr ...

Date published: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 12:04:30 +0000

Rael awards ‘Honorary Guide’ title to Bolivia’s president

Time is running out!

Rael: Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Humanity's Self-Destruction

The Raelian Movement calls for the independence of French Guyana And, to this new independent state, proposes the construction of an Embassy to welcome the extraterrestrials!

Embassy for an ET civilization: Raelians announce the project timeline

For ‘ET Embassy Day’, April 1, Raelians Propose Extraterrestrial Embassy Project in an Independent Texas Nation

SexEd Day: sex education, a child’s fundamental right

Raelians to stage October 12 protests in front of Columbus monuments and Spanish embassies

Rael: ‘Banning Columbus Day isn’t enough!’

Rael to Hawking: ‘Don’t compare extraterrestrials with white racist Europeans!’

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