News Item: Raelians to stage October 12 protests in front of Columbus monuments and Spanish embassies
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Sunday 09 October 2016

LAS VEGAS, OCT. 11 – While many people in the Americas celebrate Columbus Day on Wednesday, Raelians will protest in front of statues of Columbus and outside Spanish embassies to express their support for Native Americans, whose ancestors were decimated by the colonizers.

In a recent interview, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, said the celebration of Columbus Day is an insult to the victims of the multiple genocides committed by European colonizers in the Americas.

“It’s shameful to celebrate Columbus Day because it celebrates the extermination of 100 million Native Americans,” Rael explained. “We are still mourning the genocide of 6 million Jews in Europe, but the killing of 100 million Native Americans is a cause for celebration? This is shameful. The whole planet should be reminded of the true story: the violent destruction of the Native American people [by European colonizers] that included rapes and pillage.

He added, “A large museum explaining the holocaust of Native Americans should be built in Washington, D.C., where all the Native American survivors could come to commemorate their ancestors on Native American Day.”

Rael also advocates “true decolonization.” Here are some excerpts from his interview:

“The growing trend to ban Columbus Day in some countries and even in some U.S. states is wonderful but not enough,” Rael emphasized. “It’s time for a de-Christianization campaign; indigenous people who are betraying the memory of their ancestors by practicing the religion of the colonizers should apostatize.

It’s also time for their de-Europeanization. They should refuse to use anything coming from the colonizers, such as costumes and names.”

“Also, a true decolonization of the South American continent must include religious decolonization. Before the colonization, there were no Christians in South America or Africa. Instead, they had beautiful religions linked to nature that respected the environment. Those were swept out in favor of the bloody Christian religion, mainly the Catholic Church, which contributed to the enslavement of the local population. It’s terrible to see that it’s still happening.”

“The decolonization must also be economical; it must include the recovery of the gold and all the other wealth that was pillaged, especially by Spain and Portugal. And the decolonization must also include the adoption of a unique language, a unique money, and a federal army for the whole continent.”

He added that a South American army should possess the atomic bomb:

“If the USA can have 10,000 or more atomic bombs or more, all countries should have the right to have them too,” he said. If [the United States] considers that too dangerous, it should destroy its own stocks. If they keep atomic bombs, then all other countries should be allowed to have them too.”

In 2004, Rael named then-President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela an “Honorary Raelian Guide” for supporting those who denounce the horrific genocides and other crimes committed by Europeans during the colonization of the Americas.

Spurning the traditional Columbus Day holiday in America, Chavez said it should be known as the Day of Indigenous Resistance to honor the indigenous inhabitants.

Rael also conferred the title of Honorary Guide on President Rafael Correa of Ecuador for offering Julian Assange political asylum and thereby defying European and American authorities.

Rael also praised Bolivian President Evo Morales for supporting the re-adoption of original religions by the Indigenous people of Bolivia.

“The Catholic Church is dying in Europe and it counts on the money of the poor people of South America to survive,” Rael said. “It’s time to stop the wealth hemorrhage to Europe and the USA, and the colonized countries should unite and achieve true decolonization together.”

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