News Item: Rael Awards Honorary Guide Title to Oliver Stone
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Thursday 06 July 2017

LAS VEGAS, July 6 – “I have decided to award the title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to [filmmaker] Oliver Stone,” said Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), in a statement released on June 26 by the IRM.

According to Raelian Guide and Spokesperson Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, Stone’s views echo Rael’s concerning the danger posed to humanity by the United States and its allies.

“In a recent address at the Writers Guild Awards Ceremony, Stone denounced what he called ‘the system,’ saying it’s leading to the death of the planet and the destruction of us all,” she explained. She went on to quote some of Stone’s comments:

“In terms of the 13 wars we [referring to the United States] have started in the last 30 years, the 14 trillion dollars spent and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have perished from this earth, it wasn’t one leader that did that, it was a system, both Republican and Democrat,” Stone said. “[This is] a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these wars were justifiable in the name of our flag. [The United States] has become more prosperous for many, but in the name of that wealth, we cannot justify that system as the center of the world’s values.”

Boisselier said Stone spoke “as a true Raelian Guide” would.

“He urged younger writers not to try to fit in and not to follow fashionable trends, but instead, to find a way to remain alone with themselves, listening to the silences,” she said. “He told them not to always be in the writers’ room…to try and find the truer meaning of life here on earth and to never give up on their hearts or on their struggle for peace, decency and telling the truth.”

Boisselier said Stone is the 90th Honorary Guide for Humanity nominated by Rael.

“The list of Honorary Raelian Guides includes only those individuals who place the betterment of humanity above their own comfort,” she said. “These are individuals who aren’t afraid to denounce a rotten system, even if it’s extremely powerful. And they are individuals who are inspiring the younger generation to work toward a future of peace, strict nonviolence and unbridled creativity.”

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