News Item: Worldwide problems need planetary solutions
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Tuesday 13 May 2008

“We’re beginning to feel the credit crunch here in the UK and in the US” said Glenn Carter, spokesperson for the UK Raelian Movement. “This financial collapse was announced by Rael more than 30 years ago now, as inevitable but fortunately, our extraterrestrial creators, the Elohim, who gave Rael this information, also explained how to combat financial storms and other potential global disasters.”

Rael is the leader and founder of the worldwide Raelian Movement of some 65,000 members in nearly 90 countries. He says humanity’s current difficulties are worsening and will be solved only through planetary solutions.

“The only solution to the world’s enormous problems is a world government and a world currency,” Rael said in a recent speech. “There is no other way out.”

He said the only effective solution lies in eliminating national currencies and nation states in favor of a money-less society governed by a World College of Geniuses.

“Refusing to see the necessity of these measures will trigger a world crisis that will kill billions of people through wars and starvation and possibly destroy all of humanity through global nuclear conflict,” Rael warned.

He said the Elohim live on their planet in peace and happiness. All hard work there is automated, he said, freeing residents to do just as they wish: developing their senses, their capacity for pleasure and their consciousness.

“The Elohim system of government, called geniocracy, is a highly evolved form of selective democracy,” Carter explained. “In a geniocracy, decision-making power is given only to those with the most foresight: the geniuses.”

In a landmark book, “Geniocracy,” released in English for the first time this year, Rael analyzes the factors pulling us towards global collapse. He also describes the stable governmental process used by the Elohim and explains how we could use it to inspire a similar system here on Earth.

“Geniocracy is an ingenious worldwide solution to man’s biggest problems,” Carter said. “War, hunger, poverty and exploitation of genius by military-backed “mediocracies” can finally be eliminated by using this sensible system.”

“Don’t you want your bus driver to have a driver’s license?” Carter asked. “The same principle should apply to those steering the government, who affect the lives of millions. We should place in office only those intelligent enough to make accurate predictions and good decisions.”

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