Raelian Press Site

Seventh Annual SexEd Day: Raelians continue to advocate Comprehensive Sex Education from childhood, including masturbation/self-pleasuring information

The "Back to Kama" Organization celebrates the signing of Juneteenth as an official Holiday

Disclosure on UFOs: Raelians say U.N. must discuss a protocol to welcome Extraterrestrials on Earth!

Disclosure on UFOs: Raelians hope for revealed data to be scrutinized with scientific rigor

The Raelian Movement reiterates its opposition to compulsory vaccination and associated discrimination and supports the decision of the Council of Europe

Raelians contribute to making every day an lnternational Happiness Day

Raelians urge U.N. Member States ambassadors to support the "Embassy for Extraterrestrials” project

The International Raelian Movement creates the first Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact

Raelians propose an amendment to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Raelians convince Nevada Tax Commission to grant sales tax exemption to non-traditional religions

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