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The Back to Kama project to celebrate Black History Month 2019
Thursday 31 January 2019
Rael applauds the birth of first gene-edited babies
Monday 03 December 2018
4th International Day for Sex Education from Childhood
Sunday 18 November 2018
Raelians to celebrate 45 years of scientific advances as announced by the scientists who created life on Earth
Sunday 28 October 2018
To save humanity? Meditate for peace!
Friday 21 September 2018
German judges allow Raelians to display swastikas. Shakira should not have apologized for using hers!
Friday 13 July 2018
Roger Waters awarded Honorary Guide title by Rael
Monday 09 July 2018
Raelians honor Swastika Rehabilitation Day, seeking to restore symbol’s ancient, peaceful meaning
Thursday 21 June 2018
Raelian seeking US citizenship sues to remove 'So Help Me God' from oath
Monday 07 May 2018
May 1st is International Paradism Day Celebration
Tuesday 01 May 2018
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