News Item: "Adam and Eve were black"
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Monday 19 December 2005

December 18, 2005, upon His arrival in Congo-Brazzaville where He went to host the international African awakening seminar, Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, made a new revelation on our origins by declaring that "Adam and Eve were black".

Extract of the remarks made by Rael this historical day: "Congo will forever remain the first country where a President welcomed me officially *, it thus has a particular place in the heart of the Elohim, as the African continent has a special place in the heart of the Elohim. Why? One of the reasons! Adam and Eve were black. I could not reveal it before this year, before this arrival in Congo and it is also one of the reasons of our success in countries populated by non-whites, in Asia, in Africa.

Why does the Raelian Movement develop so quickly in these countries? Because for the first time, a message is given, which says that we were created in the image of our creators. The Catholic Church dared state, a few years ago, that the blacks did not have a soul and that god was white. It tries to have people forget about it today, but it should be recalled. The Elohim have 7 races on their planet and they created 7 races on Earth. All races on Earth can look at the sky and feel in the image of their creators. The Elohim’s message returns the dignity, the beauty, and the majesty to all races. And now, what I am allowed to say today is that there were a first man and a first woman, and they could not be from the 7 races. What I can reveal today is that they were black. Which does not mean that they were better than the others, but it is good that you know about it. In the tormented history of Africa, filled with slavery, torture, massacres, the worst was endured by the Africans. The Elohim’s Message is hope for the African people ".

In the message given to Rael, on December 13, 1973, the Elohim **, creators of life on Earth, wish that we build an embassy to welcome them officially, in the presence of the Heads of States and media, close to Jerusalem.

Rael adds: "Africa is not far from Jerusalem. If Israel continues to be deaf, Elohim will be happy to come to Congo, in one of the Congos, and why not in this part of Congo, which is Katanga. "

* In December 2001, Rael was officially visiting Congo, welcomed by the President of the Republic, Denis Sassou Nguesso.

** Elohim: plural word meaning in old Hebrew "those who came from the sky" that one finds in the religious writings. Term wrongfully translated by "God".

The complete text of Rael’s revelation:

For more information on the arrival of Rael in Africa:

Concerning the Raelian Movement
The Raelian Movement is the most important non-profit organization relating the existence of UFOS. It numbers 60.000 members in 84 countries that unite to spread the messages given by the ELOHIM to RAEL. Their objective is to build an embassy that will welcome these extraterrestrials and to propagate values of peace and non-violence. The Raelian Movement shakes the world with its politically incorrect and non-conformist philosophy.

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