News Item: Rael blasts U.N and West, pleads for Israel to replace violence with love and compassion
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Wednesday 31 December 2008

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 31 – As the fourth day of what Israel now calls “all-out war” wrought havoc and human misery in Gaza, Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, renewed his warning to the U.N. and the West in a statement released this morning.

“During the war between Russia and Georgia, in which hundreds of innocent civilians died on both sides, the U.N. and Western countries led by the U.S. condemned Russia for its ‘disproportionate response’ to the Georgian provocation,” he said. “Yet in this new conflict between Israel and Palestine, hundreds of people are already dead, with more and more dying by the hour. But nobody lifts a finger. The world is celebrating holidays with champagne and caviar while innocent, starving civilians are massacred.”

He noted that with the death toll rising rapidly, reports of 100 civilian deaths and 1,000 casualties in Gaza were sure to be outdated almost immediately. Nevertheless, he said the dramatic contrast between losses on the two sides should be noted.

“Yesterday, while the bombs dropped on Gaza killed so many innocent people, only three deaths and less than 10 casualties had been reported in Israel,” he said. “While any death on either side is a tragedy, the numbers show that this massive attack is a very disproportionate response to the provocation. Yet nobody is condemning Israel for it! It’s not even an eye for an eye like the Old Testament says, but a truckload of eyes for one eye, so it’s totally disproportionate.”

Calling the Western non-response “an example of the double standard at its worst,” he said, “On one side is one of the world’s most powerful armies. On the other side are extremely poor people without any real army to protect themselves. They have no military resource that could be compared to the formidable Israeli arsenal, and they’re trapped in what is, in effect, a giant concentration camp. In fact, they’re starving after years of an outrageous blockade. Therefore, this so-called war is, in reality, a massacre of civilians by the Israeli military – under the pretext of killing a handful of fighters armed with small shoulder rockets. To have a war, you need two armies; here there is only one. The western media, with headlines such as “War in the Middle East,” are totally biased, and they misinforming the public, becoming accomplices in a terrible genocide and ethnic cleansing. For there is no war going on in the Middle East, but a massacre committed by an army against a population without an army, and with no real defenses.”

He rejected the idea that the Israeli bombardment constitutes reasonable self defense.

“Israel has the absolute right to defend itself, but not by killing innocent civilians in massive bombings,” he said. “Technology exists to accurately target rocket launchers only, and the Israelis have that technology. Then why this massacre of so many innocent civilians?”

He said Western nations pick and choose the victims they’re willing to assist according to economic interests and the way political winds are blowing.

“A U.S.-led coalition flew to protect people in Kosovo from genocide. Will it do the same for Palestinians? When the dead are numbered in the thousands, this genocide – or ethnic cleansing – will be remembered. Everyone will ask, “Why did we do nothing? But it will be too late then, and this slaughter will forever stain Israel’s image and public consciousness.”

Asked what could alleviate the longstanding suffering and turmoil in this part of the world, Rael said, “More than ever, Israel needs a Jewish Gandhi replacing violence with love and compassion.”

In a previous address, Rael reminded Israel of its duty:

“The creation of the state of Israel is the cause of the Palestinian drama, and even if Israel has the right to exist, it also has also the obligation to avoid a Palestinian genocide by providing help and saving a starving population. As an immediate neighbor and as a historic cause of the problem, Israel has the responsibility to act humanely. Instead of sending missiles and tanks, it should send trucks full of food and water, and connect the Palestinian electric and water network to the Israeli supplies for free as compensation for years of suffering and loss of land. ”

To those remarks, he added today, “Even in the unacceptable case of creating something tragically similar to the American Indian reservations, at least the Americans were providing food, electricity and water to those reservations as well as health services. But in Gaza, the Israeli government is providing absolutely nothing to a starving and sick population. In fact, it’s just waiting for everybody to die without moving one finger. This situation is destroying the great worldwide feeling of compassion and sympathy toward the Jewish people that has existed since the tragedy of the Nazi genocide. And it’s generating a lot of new anti-Semitism, which is a real tragedy, since everyone in the world is wondering how people who suffered so much under the Nazi criminals can do similar things to their poor neighbors.

“Recently, an Israeli minister himself compared the Jewish settlers’ attacks against Palestinians to pogroms. It is the very essence of Jewish spirit to be a model of love and compassion, and any other behavior betrays the roots of the real Judaism.”

A spokesman for the Raelian Movement said today that according to the Raelian philosophy, the creation of the state of Israel was planned by those who created us, who are called Elohim in the Bible, so that the Third Temple, an embassy to welcome them, can be built on the land where they began their creation. But according to Raelian scripture, if the state of Israel keeps this area as a land of crime and genocide, the Elohim will no longer protect it and it will disappear as such. The Jewish people will once more be dispersed on Earth while the embassy to welcome them is built somewhere else.

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