News Item: Rael: ‘Israeli racist laws forbid adoption of Palestinian orphans!’
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Friday 09 January 2009

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9 – To assist the Middle East peace process, Rael, founder of the Raelian Movement of some 70,000 members in 104 countries, recently launched Operation Jewish Gandhi, which calls upon Israelis to adopt Palestinian orphans and raise them as Muslims.
“It’s the only way to show the path for peace and prevent the destruction of Israel,” Rael said, adding that because of Israel’s attack on Gaza and the resulting civilian deaths – especially those of children – the Raelian Movement is increasing its efforts on behalf of peace in the region, including promoting the adoption of Palestinian orphans by Israelis.

He said the new program’s name stems from a parallel historical example: Mahatma Gandhi once asked the Hindu father of a child killed by Muslims to adopt a Muslim orphan and raise the child according to the Muslim faith after the man admitted he had killed a Muslim child for revenge.
Following Rael’s recommendation, a young Raelian Israeli couple planning to raise a Palestinian child began the adoption process last August.

“When I heard Rael’s idea of bringing peace to the Middle East through this adoption program, I told myself, ‘I will be the first to do it,’” said Yaniv Rozenfeld, an Israeli who is also a Raelian rabbi. He said he has been calling Palestinian orphanages ever since.

Rozenfeld said he is fully supported in the adoption quest by his wife Reut, who is already taking care of their own young child.

“We’ll raise our own child – aware of his Jewish origin – while raising and educating a Palestinian child according to his Muslim origin,” Rozenfeld said. “We’ll bring up both to the age where they can choose their own religions while knowing and respecting each other, and that will be our contribution to the peace process. We believe many Israelis will follow our lead, since a majority in this country wants to live in peace.”

But the Rozenfelds face a huge legal hurdle, according to Rael.

“It’s incredible, but it seems that an Israeli law forbids Jews to adopt non-Jewish children!” he exclaimed. “This apartheid measure must be denounced by the worldwide media, and the international community should apply pressure against Israel to protest this abjectly racist law so the Israeli government will cancel it.”

Rael said Rozenfeld plans to proceed with the adoption process despite the legal prohibition and to contest the law all the way up to the Israeli Supreme Court if necessary. Rozenfeld is also alerting all international humanitarian organizations.

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