News Item: RAEL: 86% of Palestinians are of Jew’s origins according to genetic evidence. Israeli need to know they are committing siblicide.
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Monday 19 January 2009

“Palestinians are direct descendants of the tribes of Israel, they are as Jewish as any Jew in the world” a study by Tsvi Misinai confirms through genetic, immunological, linguistic, geographical, anthropological and historical studies.

In his book ‘Brother Shall Not Lift His Sword Against Brother’, Misinai explains that Palestinian ancestors were simply the ones who remained to look after the land while the rest were dispersed by the Romans after the destruction of the 2nd temple, ready to welcome them back after they returned from exile. They did what they had to do to survive, they became Christian in the Byzantine era and Muslim when conquered by Moslems.

“That means, the Israelis are conducting a genocide against their own people” affirms RAEL, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement. “The real solution, in accord with that proposed by David Ben Gurion and Yitskhak Ben Tsvi who knew of the genetic link, is love, not war”. He added: “Only love can save humanity. A two-state solution is not the solution, for its perpetuating a terrible apartheid. Those who lost their land, homes and children will never be able to forgive and live side by side with their tormentors.

“It is imperative that the genetic evidence that Palestinians are Jews be recognized and publicized.” declared Leon Mellul, Grand Rabbi of the Raelian Movement in Israel. “Free objective genetic testing should be provided for any Palestinian who wishes. If the Ethiopian Habashim were able to benefit from DNA evidence and the Law of Return, so should their Palestinian brothers.

Rael explained in a recent address that a true and deep reconciliation can only be accomplished if the victims are first recognized as victims, then integrated into a new entity – and with huge monetary compensation for their suffering. “This means the creation of a unique, new state of Palestine, in which, as in South Africa, two groups of people – in this case, Palestinians and Jews – can live peacefully side by side and share their combined financial and human resources. This huge new Palestinian nation could become very rich, since so much money is now wasted on non-productive military expenditures.”
He said: “The Israeli Law of Return, if applied equally to Palestinians and Jews worldwide, would permit the creation of a very rich country. It would also solve the problem of the hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers who built houses in the Palestinian territories, since they would be able to stay where they are. The returning Palestinians could go back to their homes and lands in Israel. And Jerusalem would be the capital that both Palestinians and Jews cherish.

A few references to know more about the genetic evidences:

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2 - Ariella Oppenheim of Hebrew university in Jerusalem found:
- "Palestinians are genetically much closer to Ashkenazi Jews than they are to the Arabs."
- "there is a great genetic kinship between the Palestinians and the Jews, similar to that which exists between the various Jewish communities"

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3 - "Antonio Arnez-Vilna from the University of Complotensa in Madrid discovered that the immune systems of the Jews and the Palestinians are extremely close to one another and in a way that demonstrates a similar genetic identity"

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4 - Shanin of Tel Aviv university found Jews and Palestinians share a genetic
mutation for deafness, specific only to them.

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