News Item: Raelians release official statement about orgies
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Monday 19 January 2009

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 19 – In response to recent media articles stating that the Raelian Movement organizes orgies, Brigitte Boisselier, official spokesperson of the Raelian Movement, today issued the following statement:

“The Raelian philosophy doesn’t permit the planning of any collective sexual activities as part of our organization’s activities.

The mission of the Raelian Movement is to inform humanity that all life on Earth was created by human beings who came from another planet. Those creators were mistaken for gods by our ancestors, so the second part of our mission is to prepare humanity to welcome them back.

To reach these goals, Raelians organize activities that are always aimed at informing the public that neither God nor evolution exists. Another concern is to undo the harm caused by those who either misinterpreted or deliberately distorted the teachings of the prophets – those sent by our creators throughout the ages to serve as their messengers.

It is in the context of those considerations that the Raelian Movement has been involved in many campaigns to help people shed sexual taboos, since healthy sexual activity is one of the keys to reaching a balanced and harmonious life.

To illustrate that point, in the early 1990s, Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, organized campaigns to have condoms distributed at schools to prevent disease and early pregnancies. And in June 1993, he gave a joint conference called ‘Yes to Masturbation’ with noted female activist Betty Dobson.

More recently, he launched the creation of Clitoraid, a non-profit organization that helps women who have been forcibly circumcised – in other words, genitally mutilated – to retrieve their sense of pleasure and dignity. Rael has also sent his support to organizations such as ‘Orgasm for Peace,’ and has encouraged Raelians to participate in their gatherings – but only if they feel like it.

In that context, Leon Mellul, Grand Rabbi of the Raelian branch of Judaism in Israel, decided to organize just such an ‘Orgasm for Peace’ meeting, which was to have been held Dec. 21. At the meeting, he planned to promote an upcoming lecture called “Benefits of Sex and Masturbation,” which he and a few sexologists will present in Tel Aviv on Jan. 22.

In the lecture, Rabbi Mellul will show how having a harmonious sexual life can reduce violent tendencies. Such a benefit is especially needed in this Middle Eastern region, where ‘murderous spirits’ are exacerbated by never-ending hatred of ‘the other.’

Nevertheless, upon learning of ‘Orgasm for Peace,’ Rael demanded that it be canceled. He reminded the organizers that the Raelian Movement has never organized – and will never organize – any sort of collective orgy. But he added that Raelians have the freedom to do whatever they like in their private lives.

Raelians are fervent advocates for peace and they are also advocates for sexual freedom. If some of them want to gather and offer their orgasms to promote peace, then that is a beautiful gesture fully supported by the Raelian Movement. However, such a gathering would be an unofficial event in which some Raelians have chosen to participate. It cannot be an official Raelian Movement activity and should never be construed or described as such.

Rabbi Mellul's lecture, "Benefits from Sexuality" will be given at 7:30 p.m., Thurs., Jan. 22, at the Grand Beach Hotel, 250 Hayarkon St., Tel Aviv.

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