News Item: Raelians launch ‘Stop Killing Palestinian Jews’ foundation to halt Gaza ‘fratricide’
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Monday 23 February 2009

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 23 – “Palestinians have as much Jewish genetic material in their blood as most Jewish immigrants in Israel do,” said Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement, in a statement released earlier today. “With our new “Stop Killing Palestinian Jews” foundation, we intend to demonstrate that fact scientifically so this massacre between Semitic brothers can finally stop!”

Boisselier said similarities of genetic makeup between Jews from different regions have been amply studied over the past decade, and that analyses of the Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA have confirmed the common origin of these populations. But she added that related studies have yielded a surprise.

“Hundreds of genetic markers on the Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA, as well as most of the remaining genome, have confirmed the common origin of the different Jewish communities,” Boisselier said. “But recent studies also show that some of the similarities linking different Jewish groups to a common ancestry are found in a large portion of the Palestinian people as well, despite their more open breeding culture.”

She said a book on the Israeli bestsellers’ list, “When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?” by scholar Shlomo Zand, presents some corroborative historical evidence.

“Zand says Palestinian Arabs who’ve lived for decades under the heel of the modern Israeli state are in fact descended from the very same ‘Children of Israel’ described in the Old Testament,” Boisselier explained. “He estimates that around 10,000 ancient Judeans were vanquished during the Roman wars. Of those remaining, Zand says some converted to Islam and assimilated when Arab conquerors subjugated the area. Others fled and became the spread-out Jewish communities we know today.”

Boisselier said Zand’s explanation of the historical Palestinian population is substantiated by the few studies made thus far that compare Palestinian and Jewish genetic profiles.

“That means the Gaza massacre really amounts to massive fratricide, and we need to demonstrate that fact so all this violence and hatred can stop!” she exclaimed.

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, initiated the creation of the “Stop Killing Palestinian Jews” foundation to enable a comprehensive, scientific study that will compare the genetic makeup of Palestinians and Jews.

“The foundation's goal is to collect and compare DNA samples of both populations using genome-wide, single-nucleotide-polymorphism genotyping,” Boisselier said. “Recent technological advances allow us to simultaneously test over half a million genetic markers over the whole genome, instead of just a few from the Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA covered in previous genetic ancestry studies. This new study will resolve the current controversy by demonstrating the common Judean ancestry of the warring parties once and for all. It’s our hope that when they realize they are literally blood brothers, they will stop fighting to create a united Palestine.”

Raelians favor a one-state solution for Palestine, with all residents uniting for their common good.

“Love, not war, is the only real solution to the Gaza massacre,” Rael said in a recent news release. “Only love can save humanity. A two-state solution is not the solution, for it’s perpetuating a terrible apartheid. Those who lost their land, homes and children will never be able to forgive and live side by side with their tormentors. A one-state solution – a new Palestine united by brotherly love – is the only real solution.”

Boisselier said Rael’s solution would please David Ben Gurion and Yitskhak Ben Tsvi, who also knew of the genetic link between the two peoples.

“By presenting indisputable scientific evidence that Palestinians and Jews were one and the same people just a few hundreds years ago, we hope both groups will take the sole path to lasting peace – the one-state solution of love described by Rael,” Boisselier said.

She said a team of scientists from ‘Stop Killing Palestinian Jews’ is currently designing the protocol for the study. Collection of genetic samples is slated to begin in May.

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