News Item: Rael recognizes Gilad Atzmon as new Honorary Priest
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Thursday 26 March 2009

LAS VEGAS, March 26 - Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, has bestowed the title of Honorary Raelian Priest upon British jazz musician, composer and writer Gilad Atzmon.

Atzmon, born in Israel, is becoming even better known for his writing than for his fine musicianship. His recent articles decry what he calls “the Israeli genocidal campaign against Palestinian civilians in Gaza” and Israeli brutality in general. And his criticism isn’t directed solely against Israel’s government and military forces. In a recent essay widely distributed on the Internet, Atzmon had particularly harsh words for Israeli civilians, pointing out that their “popular support of outright war crimes” included applauding the carnage in Gaza displayed on their television screens.

During the 35-year history of Raelianism, the special distinction of Honorary Priest has been awarded only a few dozen times. It is reserved for those who place the pursuit of truth, justice, love and equality above selfish considerations – including their careers.

“Rael was deeply touched by Atzmon’s essay, “War on Terror Within: The End of Jewish History,” said Ricky Lee Roehr, a Raelian bishop who heads the organization’s North American division. “He forwarded it to the more than 60,000 members of our organization worldwide and we also posted it on our online news site. It should be required reading for those who go along with Israeli aggression because they’re terrified of appearing anti-Semitic. Most people are so concerned about being politically correct that they can’t – or won’t – see the truth, let alone do anything about it.”

Roehr said Rael is very concerned about the future of Palestine and has offered solutions.

“Rael has proposed a one-state, lasting solution in which Jews and Palestinians would combine resources and live in the same state,” Roehr said. “After all, they were living there peacefully together before World War II, and nonviolence is the only solution. In fact, Rael says Israel is in dire need of a Jewish Gandhi if it is to survive much longer.”

Roehr added that Atzmon’s writings have special significance for Raelians living in Israel and for those of Jewish heritage living elsewhere.

“I felt compelled to write to Mr. Atzmon and thank him personally for his powerful articles – especially this latest one,” said Leon Mellul, Grand Rabbi for the Israeli Raelian Movement. “I’ve been living in Israel for many years and I can tell you that what he writes is the truth. With all my heart, I thank him for proclaiming it to the world!”

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