News Item: A modern nation is a nation where gays and lesbians are free
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Friday 25 March 2005

Miami, March 24, 2005. RAEL, spiritual leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement ( was happy to learn about the landmark decision made on Monday by Judge Kramer of the San Francisco Superior Court when he ruled that the state law violated a constitutional right to equal treatment for all citizens.

Pierre Paul Bourque, leader of the Sexual Minorities department of the International Raelian Movement commented: “ Judge Kramer is right by saying that ‘Same-sex marriage cannot be prohibited solely because California has always done so before’ and by ruling on the case brought by Mr. Newsom and 12 same-sex couples. Laws are important and directly reflect a country’s level of commitment and benevolence to its citizens. So laws that are stupid, homophobic and primitive need to be changed – especially since laws are made to protect peoples’ rights. A country should not “democratically” vote in intolerance and vote out human rights – this is what happened in Nazi Germany.

We were disappointed last year when California's Supreme Court annulled 4,000 gay marriages. Our 60,000 members were watching once again as the United States stepped back into the past and allowing once again conservative politicians and the dangerous right wing Christians extremists impose their limited views on a modern nation.

There was a time when the United States made a powerful impact on the world with human rights laws laws. It is time now for the US to show the world what constitutes a great nation: equality, fairness and the love and respect of differences. It is now time for the US to take a step forward and be a model again for the whole planet. As president George W. Bush is claiming to show the world the importance of freedom, let’s us remind him that freedom starts at home by allowing people, regardless of their sexuality, to get married as their wish. This is TRUE freedom! The United States will regain the respect and admiration of the World when it will provide equal treatment for all its citizens.

Rael, the first spiritual leader to defend the rights and freedom of the gays and lesbians was also the 1st one to recognize gay marriage and the 1st one to ordain gay, lesbian and transsexual priest or bishops. With the Raelian Movement, he will continue his campaign to make sure that everyone knows that "sexual orientation is genetic", and discriminating against gays is just as racist as discriminating against Blacks, Arabs or anyone else."

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