News Item: NZ Raelian Movement Supports the Ban of Kosher Slaughtering
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Wednesday 30 June 2010

AUCKLAND, June 30 - The decision by New Zealand Agricultural Minister, David Carter, to ban the kosher slaughter of animals is welcomed by the International Raelian Movement.

The new Animal Welfare Code has sparked outrage within the Jewish community as the decision outlaws the age old tradition of ‘Shechitah’ - a practice advocated in the Torah which does not allow animals to be stunned before their slaughter.

In recent years there have been many campaigns to outlaw Shechitah which has been sited as inhumane and morally unacceptable.

The new Animal Welfare Commercial Slaughter Code mandates that all animals for commercial consumption must be stunned prior to their slaughter to ensure animals are humanely killed.

New Zealand joins 3 other countries – Iceland, Norway and Sweden who have outlawed Jewish ritual slaughtering.

Says Mark Woodgate, national representative of the NZ Raelian Movement, “For far too long the inhumane suffering of animals has been allowed to continue under the pretext of adhering to these ancient and barbaric rituals.

Even among the human population, religious ‘customs’ such as clitoral excision and genital mutilation have caused millions to suffer unnecessarily.

In the age of science and reason it is totally unacceptable that this type of suffering is allowed to continue.

We congratulate the decision of our agricultural minister and we sincerely hope that other countries will follow suit.”

Rael, the spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement states that, ‘this barbaric treatment of animals should be banned worldwide along with the human mutilation called circumcision. Just as human sacrifices were eliminated, it's time now to get rid of all other barbaric and superstitious behavior.'

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