News Item: Yoav Shamir declared new Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement
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Sunday 10 October 2010

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 10 – Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), has awarded the title of Honorary Guide to Israeli documentary filmmaker Yoav Shamir.

Shamir’s recent movie “Defamation” depicts contemporary anti-Semitism and the ways in which Judaism exploits the Holocaust for political ends.

Rael has repeatedly condemned Israel for its handling of Palestinian territory and for doing the same thing to its Palestinian neighbors and siblings that the Nazis did to Jews less than a century ago.

In a recent message to the Jewish people, Rael said:
“You created a state where racism and discrimination reign, you who suffered so much from this scourge for centuries and who know better than anyone how unbearable and despicable that was. Centuries of suffering and wandering and the ultimate sacrifice of the Shoah brought you feelings of compassion from the entire world, which was ready to help you find security in the Promised Land as announced. The nations of Earth would have supported you in the creation of a multiracial and multicultural Palestinian state that would have set an example for the entire world. Instead, you used violence to impose a racist and violent state that despises the lives and rights of all non-Jews and has become no less than a cancer of humanity, a state that you as the Chosen People had been mandated to guide toward more love, non-violence, tolerance and consciousness.”

“Defamation” shows precisely how this feeling of compassion from the entire world is manipulated daily to protect Israel from facing international laws that should apply to all.

Rael added: “Only those Jews who in the past and until this day have struggled from within and without IsRael against this Zionist racism and the creation of the current racist state of IsRael, retain their Right to Jewishness, which means remaining worthy of being part of the Chosen People.”

By pronouncing him Honorary Guide, Rael has declared Yoav Shamir to be one of those who is worthy, and the 80,000 members of the IRM rejoice today in welcoming this new Honorary Guide, i.e., a non-Raelian individual whose actions are in perfectly in line with the Raelian mission of guiding humanity toward a world of peace and non-violence.

Aside from Shamir, the most recent Israeli citizen to be nominated as Honorary Guide was Gideon Levy, journalist and editor of the newspaper “Haaretz,” which has been remarkably critical of Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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