News Item: Rael: ‘Akhil Bakshi is right; all races were created separately!
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Wednesday 27 October 2010

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 27 – According to Indian scientist Akhil Bakshi, a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, humans didn’t all come from Africa, and blacks, whites and Asians have different ancestors. When he expressed these views in a recent article, experts immediately attacked them, calling them “dangerous,” “wrong” and “racist.”

Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, today expressed his support for Bakshi, saying the scientist has provided more confirmation of information Rael was given almost 40 years ago. According to that information, Earth’s seven races were created by scientists from another planet.

Today’s prevalent scientific theory, the so-called “Out of Africa” model, is that modern humans appeared first in Africa and spread out from that continent 55,000 years ago.

By contrast, the multi-regionalism theory says different species of Homo Sapiens appeared on different continents, and with no link to the African species. This theory is gaining wider acceptance by today’s scientists. Indeed, a majority of Chinese scientists support it because a fossilized human skull was found in China about three years ago that is at least as old as those found in Africa.

“The origin of species always triggers emotional debates because it’s not only a scientific subject, but a philosophical subject too,” said Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson of the International Raelian Movement. “Atheists and Creationists find a comfortable compromise in the ‘Out of Africa’ theory with its unique ancestor, whether they call that ancestor Eve or Lucy.”

Boisselier added that the idea of several Eves on several continents “disrupts the comfort of god-believers because all scriptures refer to a sole first couple, Adam and Eve.” She went on to explain that such a theory also makes atheist evolutionists feel uncomfortable because they don't know how to explain how similar mutations occurred at similar times on each continent, leading to several races of Homo Sapiens that are different species yet maintain the capacity to inter-breed.

“We understand their fight to dismiss the multi-regionalism theory as it simply doesn’t fit their dogma,” Boisselier commented.

The Raelian philosophy holds that Earth’s seven races of humans were created by seven different teams of extraterrestrial scientists, who came to Earth and designed all forms of life at seven different locations. It also explains that humans were created in the image of those creators, reproducing the different races they originally had on their own planet.

“Not only do scientists find traces of these extraterrestrial creators – often mistakenly called gods – on every continent and in every ancestral history account, but today’s biologists, including Craig Venter’s team, are providing us with evidence that the creation of life by human beings isn’t science fiction anymore,” Boisselier said.

She added, “If our leading scientists could be less attached to their dogma, they would better appreciate the evidence for 'atheist intelligent design' and also stop making these emotional comments about multi-regionalism being 'racist' or 'dangerous.’ All races are masterpieces and complete each other in our creators’ master plan. It’s urgent to acknowledge this soon so that humanity stops fighting over its differences. This is the purpose of the Message given to Rael by one of our Creators in 1973, announcing all the scientific developments we now witness.”

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