News Item: Rael supports Cher and transgender son Chaz Bono, urges Raelians and others to applaud and defend Bono’s upcoming appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”
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Monday 05 September 2011

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 5 – With Hollywood singer/actress Cher lambasting critics of the decision to cast her transgender son, Chaz Bono, on the popular TV show “Dancing With the Stars,” international spiritual leader Rael today issued a message of support for both mother and son and called upon members of the International Raelian Movement (IRM) to do the same.

Raelians, found in over 90 countries, number some 85,000, including many homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transgender individuals along with heterosexuals. Raelians of all sexual persuasions are already expressing their unconditional love and support for Bono, who had female-to-male sex change surgery last year.

“The Raelian philosophy teaches that all sexual orientations are acceptable and that they are to be enjoyed, not stigmatized or ridiculed,” said Ricky Roehr, North American Continental leader for the IRM. “The attacks we’re seeing against Bono and the show, including a proposed boycott of the program by some of its conservative viewers, are raw prejudice and miseducation. Those raised under the suppressive influence of mainstream Western religion, especially Catholics and Protestants, need to open their hearts and minds by shedding Medieval, guilt-ridden morality in favor of love and harmony.”

He said “Dancing with the Stars” Executive Producer Conrad Green and Herndon Graddick, the show’s senior programming director, are to be commended for seeking to represent a wider range of contestants and for standing by their decision under duress.

“Including transgender and gay participants on a smash-success show like Dancing with the Stars is a huge step forward,” Roehr commented. “Green and Herndon are serving all humanity with this decision, and assuming the show airs with Bono still on board, this will be a first for prime-time U.S. television!”

He urged Raelians and all those in favor of sexual freedom to make their approval known – and to do so now.

“Rael asks all freedom lovers to pledge their support for Bono and Cher, Green and Herndon on Web sites, in blogs and in other social media,” Roehr said.

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