News Item: There is no God, There are no Atheist Terrorists and there is no "War On Terror"
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Thursday 13 May 2004

Las Vegas, Thursday May 13 - In its campaign “2004 – Year of Atheism”, launched by His Holiness RAEL on December 13 th 2003, the Raelian Movement ( and is discovering more and more that Americans do not agree with what George Bush tells us - that “war is unfortunate but necessary to rid the world of evil”, implying that God approves of America’s policies in which thousands of innocent children are killed in Iraq, US and British soldiers torturing Iraqis or the hundreds of US coffins coming home – all this while the populations of Muslim countries are indoctrinating little children that Islam is the only true religion in order to retaliate.

The current “Year of Atheism” campaign is giving more and more people the courage to speak up against the politically correct who immediately call atheists “unpatriotic” or other such nonsense. A growing number of Americans understand that belief in a god removes all responsibility for one’s actions and humanity places itself in a position of being powerless pawns in some sort of “divine game” being played out. The Raelian Movement and other atheist organizations teach that we are responsible for our actions – or lack of actions. Humanity’s future is up to humanity, not a god.

It should be obvious by now that violence can only bring more violence – and that love will bring only more love. We should be very aware of how much violence in old religious text has shaped the world in which we live. The Old Testament’s “eye for an eye” was taught to be wrong by Jesus and was replaced by “love your enemy”. George Bush, who claims to read from the Bible every morning, somehow missed this most famous message of Jesus and if he really followed Jesus, would lead the world to peace instead of war.

His Holiness RAEL declares: "Another big lie is the idea that there is a "war against terrorism". There is no such thing. A war is waged by an army fighting against another army. Fighting terrorism may be a police matter, but not a military one. And that is where education has failed. Because the real weapon against terrorism is education. When a proper education teach children atheist values of respect for every other human being nobody is willing to crash an airplane into a building in the name of Allah or any supernatural being hoping to access an imaginary "heaven". With an atheistic education nobody believe in any kind of life after death, and then everybody try to make this life, the only one we are sure to have, better for everybody. Peaceful citizens need of course to be protected against terrorists , these people who were already badly educated and who are ready to die for their beliefs by becoming human bombs in the name of their supernatural gods. But this is not a war. It's a matter for police. The huge military expenses, advanced jets and armored vehicles, missiles and satellites can do nothing against 3 men with a cutter who decide to hijack a boeing 747. It is always laughable to see the medias illustrating the idea of war against terrorism by showing military training in terrorist camps. You do not need months of training in para military camps to hijack an airplane with a box cutter! Wake up it's a cutter not a machine gun ! This is a pure campaign of disinformation in order to support the alleged "war on terror" which doesn’t exist. And by invading other countries in the name of this so called "war on terror", killing thousands of innocent civilians, imprisoning and torturing thousands of others, America is only generating a thousand times more terrorists ready to die to avenge the death and tortures endured by their friends and families. How can citizens of the "country of freedom" and the most advanced country in the world, United States of America, suddenly become war criminals , torturers and abusers ? Only because they are indoctrinated by this big lie of a "war on terror" which make them see all Arabs or Muslims as potential terrorists potentially guilty of September 11 attacks, and needing punishment. It is exactly like the Germans in 1938 who were indoctrinated to hate the Jews so much that a majority of them were ready to help Adolph Hitler put them in concentration camps and exterminate them. Guantanamo looks more and more like Auschwitz and it is indeed a concentration camp where so called "detainees" have absolutely no rights. The imaginary " war on terror" is creating more terrorists and the future will sadly prove it. Before this war started there was a few hundred religious fanatics ready to blow themselves up in the name of their god, now they are hundred of thousands all around the Muslim world who hate America as never before. Hatred creates hatred. War brings war and violence brings violence. "Those who live by the sword will die by the sword ". That's why it is more than ever of the utmost importance to remember what Jesus said : "Love your enemies". If these words of Christian wisdom from Jesus were applied by George Bush, who falsely claims to be a Christian, after September 11 the American President would not have started a war, but by loving his enemies, would have given more support to Palestinians, received more Palestinians refugees, withraw the military from Saudi Arabia, cancel the economic sanctions against Iraq killing so many children, ask Israel to destroy the nuclear weapons of mass destruction (and these nukes are really there), and give as much money as it gives to Israel to Arab countries in a more balanced way . This would have brought peace and love which would have dramatically brought down the number of potential terrorists. And it doesn’t mean that at the same time security in the airports couldn’t have been increased which is one more time a matter of police and not militaries.

Education and atheism are the most important weapons to fight terrorism. Remember: there is no such thing as an atheist terrorist. Because when you don't belive in god and heaven, you have nothing to die for, and you are just willing to live happily as long as possible and make the life of other human beings better.

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