News Item: Rael: Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Humanity's Self-Destruction
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Tuesday 11 April 2017

LAS VEGAS, April 11 - In a statement released today, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, encouraged Raelians to escalate their meditation outreach programs to help promote the ban of nuclear weapons.

“I solemnly ask that all Raelians worldwide increase their public actions labeled "Meditate 1 Minute for Peace" in support of the United Nations vote scheduled for July 7 that would make all nuclear weapons forbidden worldwide,” Rael declared in the statement released this morning by the International Raelian Movement. “This is our last chance to save humanity and we have only three months to do it!”

For years, Raelians have been gathering in public places, encouraging people to give just one minute of their time meditating for peace.

Rael added: “Inform the public about this coming U.N. vote and make everybody aware that if they want a future for themselves and their children, they need to act immediately. They must push their governments to participate in this [UN] vote and support the international ban of nuclear weapons.”

In a recent address to Japanese Raelians, Rael expressed his disappointment about the position of the Japanese government regarding this matter. Along with those in most of the other economically advanced countries, the Japanese government has stated its refusal to participate in the upcoming UN vote.

“Since Japan is the only country that has suffered from nuclear bombing, it should also be the most powerful defendant of the ban!” Rael commented. He added, ”All politicians and governments will share the responsibility if the nuclear catastrophe occurs, as will all other human beings who are not strongly active in forcing their governments to participate in this vote! “

According to the statement, along with supporting most regional antinuclear weapons activities, Raelians will intensify their public presence. They will lead one-minute meditations worldwide to increase public awareness of humanity’s risk for self-destruction and to encourage people to demand that their governments both participate in the vote and vote in favor of the ban.

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