News Item: The Official Raelian Symbol Gets its Swastika Back
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Friday 19 January 2007

After 15 years of wearing a medallion without the original swastika when traveling to Europe and America, RAEL, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement, has decided to make the original symbol, the Star of David intertwined with a Swastika, the only official symbol of the Raelian Movement worldwide.

Out of respect for the Jewish people who may feel hurt seeing the Swastika associated with the Star of David in the original symbol, RAEL agreed 15 years ago to remove the Swastika and replace it with a swirling galaxy for the Raelian Movements in Europe and America. However, this courteous gesture has not helped to educate people to discover that this symbol is the symbol of the Scientists who created us, the symbol that has been given to every one of their Messengers, which explains why we find it on every continent, usually associated with spiritual and peaceful groups.

The Swastika has been a symbol of peace for millions of Hindus and Buddhists and for Raelians as well, as it is their symbol of infinity in time, their symbol of eternity.

Today, in order to redeem themselves for past horrible discriminations done under a flag showing this symbol, German authorities are about to discriminate again by telling Hindus, Buddhists, Raelians and all other groups who have been using this symbol (some for centuries), that the representation of their beliefs is not welcomed in Europe!

Banning cannot solve anything; education is the only way. European children should be taught at school about the beauty of this 5,000 year old symbol of peace, instead of it always being referred to as used by the Nazis.

The word swastika, derived from the Sanskrit "svastika", means "good to be". In Indo-European culture, it was a mark made on people or objects to give them good luck. If one looks at a map in Japan, every Buddhist temple location is marked by a swastika, like crosses are sometimes used to show churches on European maps. How would Christians feel if they were told, landing in Tokyo, that wearing the cross is illegal because it is a torture symbol? They would certainly complain at every level and make sure their cross is respected.

Raelians of the world are now joining forces with Hindus and Buddhists in order to educate the rest of the population about the true history of the swastika and to make sure that their symbol is forever respected.

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