News Item: Raelians reignite ‘Free Hugs’ campaign worldwide
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Sunday 01 November 2020

LAS VEGAS, November 2 – In a recent address, Rael—spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement—asked Raelians to reignite their ‘free hugs’ campaign around the world. “It is time to re-launch a huge worldwide campaign of free hugs, especially when everybody pushes for this criminal social distancing practice. Our happiness and our immune system need as many hugs as possible!”

Earlier this year, Rael decried: “Governments that force us, under penalty of prosecution, to remain within the confines of our home are violating the fundamental right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—the sacrosanct right to freedom of movement and ideas. Whatever the justifications may be; epidemics, wars, terrorism, etc., absolutely nothing can justify this violation of our freedom.”

“The free movement of people and ideas also guarantees the freedom to endanger one’s own life,” said Rael.”Whether it’s going out during an epidemic, mountain climbing, sailing during a sea storm, or practicing dangerous sports. No one has the right to prevent you from risking your own life.”

"The Raelian ‘free hugs’ campaign has already resumed in North America and Europe with great success,” Brigitte Boisselier—Ph.D. and spokesperson of the International Raelian Movement—pointed out.

A Raelian from San Francisco summed up her day at Dolores Park by saying, “There is clearly a huge appetite for human contact, and this simple ‘free hug’ offering quickly morphed into a full-on Hug-a-thon as we were surrounded by happy humans connecting and enjoying a really warm and sunny Halloween day.”

Through the unrest experienced this year by all, Raelians worldwide have consistently maintained their street peace meditation actions, inviting passer-byes to join them for one minute of meditation to help Humanity heal from this global fear, anxiety, and despair.

“The “Free Hugs” campaign extends this outreach for a healthier and happier society,” concluded Boisselier.

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