News Item: The Messiah RAEL warns Israel and asks for U.N. peacekeeping forces in Palestinian territories
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Tuesday 22 May 2007

LAS VEGAS, May 21, 2007--The Messiah Rael, leader of the worldwide movement he founded in 1973 that now includes over 65,000 people, today issued a renewed warning to Israel and officially called for a U.N. peace-keeping force in the Palestinian territories.

”The massacre between the sons of Abraham, between Israeli and Palestinian brothers, shows no sign of letup and has to end,” Rael declared. “The United Nations has a duty to stop this mad slaughter.”

He characterized Israeli treatment of Palestinians as “not human and not tolerable. How can descendants of the Shoa trap other human beings in jail towns that are nothing but concentration camps?” he asked. “Palestinians are being denied all human rights. They’re being treated as the Jews were treated by the Nazis and as blacks were treated [in South Africa] during Apartheid.”

Rael said that without new leadership, Israel’s future is in grave peril.

”Only an Israeli Gandhi can save the state of Israel from destruction,” Rael declared, stepping up a warning mentioned in his book Intelligent Design.
The destruction of Israel if its citizens don’t modify their behavior is part of the book’s stated messages from the Elohim, our Creators. (For more about the Elohim, see

Rael has referenced Gandhi and drawn upon historical parallels in other messages to the Israeli people over the past several years, calling upon them to put an end to “Apartheid” and seek new leadership.

”Where is the Israeli Gandhi?” he asked in a September 9, 2006, message.
“Only love and sharing can save the world.”

In the same message, the Raelian leader emphasized that responsibility for a humane solution must rest on those involved in fostering the crisis in the first place.

”The creation of the state of Israel is the cause of the Palestinian drama, and even if Israel has the right to exist, it has also the obligation to avoid a Palestinian genocide by providing help and saving a starving population,” he explained. ”As an immediate neighbor and as a historic cause of the problem, Israel has the responsibility to act humanely. Instead of sending tanks, they should send trucks full of food and water, and connect the Palestinian electric and water network to the Israeli supplies.”

Leon Mellul, local leader for the IsRaelian Movement said Rael’s May 13 plea to the United Nations and heightened warning to Israel were made because Israelis have remained deaf to the calls of their creators asking them to stop the violence. “It’s time for international forces to stop the suffering of the people in Palestine,” he said.

According to Mellul, the Raelian position is that successive Israeli governments have contributed to precipitating the end of their country. He said more and more Israelis are reaching the same conclusion, and mentioned a recent study conducted by students at the University of Tel Aviv predicting the nation of Israel will cease to exist within the next 20 years if nothing is done.

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