News Item: Black History Month, a time to celebrate the return to Africa as well
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Friday 25 February 2022

LAS VEGAS, February 24 – The celebration of the Black History Month is an opportunity for the “Back To Kama” project’s team to intensify their actions and promote the return of Africans and African descendants back to Africa (Kama). (see:
 Black History being rightfully celebrated throughout the United States of America, should highlight the hidden history of Africans and promote the great civilizations of their continent of origin.

For Gbedia Dodo, PhD, leader of the “Back to Kama” project: “Black History Month shouldn’t only be a celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time to recognize their central role in U.S. history, but it should also be a time to unveil and reconnect with our hidden and powerful history of Kama before its pillage and violation by the Europeans.

True history teaches us that Kama had prestigious kingdoms and universities like the one of Timbuktu, way before universities emerged in Europe. We also now know that the art of writing, architecture, mathematics, medicine and more, also originated in Kama. Hence Kama being the cradle of civilization is not debatable anymore, and yet this truth needs to be widely known by the mainstream.

Taking inspiration from “the Back To Kama” project, the President of Ghana declared the year 2019 to be “The ‘Year of Return’ and that activity alone has generated over $1.9 Billion USD increase in Ghana’s economy with the creation of new businesses and partnerships.

“Human bonds were also greatly reinforced between the people of Ghana and the Africans from the Diaspora, fostering historical and cultural exchanges,” explained Dr Dodo.

“For 12 years, we have brought a vision on how the success of African Americans and of all African descendants worldwide can be multiplied if furthered on the African continent,” claimed Dodo. “Our project wants to encourage all the African nations to look at the economic and societal benefits of the return of the African diaspora and to not only offer them free visas and the rights to abode, but also:

(1) Encourage all kings and chiefs to welcome them during a traditional ceremony, like an African traditional Baptism, to facilitate the social integration of the returning sons and daughters, giving them a true sense of belonging to a family, a village, a people;

(2) Ensure that the respective countries make legislation to attract foreign direct investments (from Black celebrities, entrepreneurs and others with wealth);

(3) Implement the Free Trade Zones law signed by the African Union, which will accelerate economic development projects;

(4) Provide guaranteed tax exemption on income and assets for at least 14 years to all immigrants of Kama (African) descents;

(5) Provide Banking Secrecy guaranteed by law (as in Switzerland);

(6) Adopt a common currency, for all countries in Kama and promote its financial benefits.

As a result, these countries will be able to provide free education and free healthcare to their people, adopt and even become leaders in the latest sciences and technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, telecommunications, and online education," claimed Dodo.

“Back To Kama” also encourages the welcoming of black prisoners freed from the US prison system. “For example, Canada and Australia were built on the import of European prisoners. African American ex-prisoners could be trained if needed in order to acquire business and entrepreneurship skills and contribute to the development of the countries welcoming them” concluded Dodo.

The “Back to Kama” project was initiated in 2009 by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, who said, “To save Humanity [from its self-destruction], we must first save Kama…” and saving Kama starts now with its sons and daughters from around the world making their way back home.

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