News Item: On the eve of the 8th annual SexEd Day, Raelians continue their campaign for Comprehensive Sex Education from childhood
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Saturday 19 November 2022

GENEVA, Nov. 19, 2022 — Each year, November 20th celebrates World Children's Day and, on this occasion, Raelians worldwide campaign for comprehensive sex education (CSE) from childhood, which they believe is key to children’s happiness and fulfillment.
The International Raelian Movement (IRM) will celebrate its 8th annual SexEd Day, and will continue to promote the importance of early sex education—as recommended by experts in the original 2009 UNESCO report.  
"Sexuality and pleasure go hand in hand,” expressed Clemence Linard, Director of the International SexEd campaign and sex education expert, “and it is imperative to emphasize this in all early comprehensive SexEd programs and curricula, while simultaneously eliminate any taboo, guilt and shame associated to sexuality.  This is the best child development and child blossoming strategy that can be implemented,” she added.
Comprehensive education in sexuality is fundamental and is key to living a fulfilled and happy life. According to Linard, “one of the key ingredients that is missing in most early SexEd programs is pleasure and everything associated to it that is good, pleasant, and positive. This is what fulfillment is all about.”
The ultimate goal of giving children and adolescents a sex education and tools that are adapted to their age and culture, and that emphasize pleasure, fulfillment and well-being in terms of sexual health as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is of paramount importance.
“I am personally convinced that any human being who is fulfilled in their sexual life is happy. And the sooner we instill the notion of pleasure and fulfillment in children the greater the chances they will grow into well-balanced and happy adults. This is such a fundamental concept,” she emphasized.
Launched in 2015 by Rael—International spiritual leader—SexEd Day is part of an international awareness campaign for early comprehensive sex education to denounce religiously-motivated censorship, and to call for the republishing of UNESCO’s original 2009 report and guiding principles on Sex Ed. 

"Comprehensive Sex Education, as defined in the report, is exactly what Rael has been advocating and teaching for more than 45 years," concluded Linard.

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