News Item: The Raelian Movement encourages all the UN Member States to support San Marino's request to establish the first permanent Office for the observation and scientific study of the UFO phenomenon
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Friday 10 February 2023

The Raelian Movement applauds the decision of the Republic of San Marino to establish a Government Office for the purpose of observing and studying the UFO phenomenon from a scientific point of view. The intention to submit a proposal to the United Nations to make it a permanent Office at international level testifies to the growing credibility that the subject is gaining.

"The discovery of an increasing number of exoplanets which could harbor life, the recent disclosure of confidential documents by the US government, and the announcement by NASA to investigate in order to better understand the nature of these objects all represent a marked reversal of the skepticism of the past. Considering the growing and pressing demand for information by the public, the initiative on the part of the Republic of San Marino and the proposal it will present at the UN table must be considered an exemplary act of responsibility, which does not deserve to remain isolated within the international community," continued Daniel Turcotte, Raelian Guide and head of The Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project (1).

The Raelian Movement, therefore, urges all the Member States of the United Nations to support the Republic of San Marino's request when the vote by the General Assembly comes and encourages the governments of the same countries to follow suit, thus setting up on their own territories special Offices that can gather information and allow for international cooperation to ensue in order to define what appears to be an increasingly clear picture of the situation.

"The UFO phenomenon affects the entire planet, and each nation certainly has a vast archive of material to draw from and work on," added Turcotte. "We are convinced that an international collaboration would quickly lead to the ineluctable conclusion that there can only be extraterrestrial intelligence at the origin of these phenomena."

The obvious next step will be to ask ourselves who the occupants of these spacecrafts are and what their intentions are.

"Obviously, the fact that a civilisation, possessing such advanced technology as to be able to travel across the universe and cover considerable distances, has never shown any hostility towards us is testament to the peaceful nature of their intentions. On the other hand, human beings throughout history have always shown a desire to establish contacts and relationships. Why not assume that this desire could also be shared on an interplanetary level?" Turcotte continued.

The Raelian Movement claims that these space visitors are representatives of an ancient and highly evolved extraterrestrial civilisation, which has scientifically created every form of life on Earth and whose work is described in the pages of religious texts everywhere on the planet.

"They have been observing us since time immemorial and are gradually preparing us to make the first official contact. Where better to celebrate and host this solemn event, safely and with due respect, than within an embassy specially built for this purpose? This is why the ET Embassy Project was launched by the Raelian Movement. We are convinced that the building of such a residence, and its subsequent recognition by international authorities, is a necessary condition for contact to take place, especially since it would represent, in their eyes, a willingness on our part to meet and welcome them peacefully. The splendid initiative on the part of the Republic of San Marino and the future vote by the UN General Assembly could, in this sense, draw very encouraging scenarios," concluded Turcotte.

1) The Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project was initiated by Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement whose two-fold mission is to spread the Message he received from this Extraterrestrial civilization - the Elohim - and to build an Embassy to welcome them officially and respectfully.

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