News Item: International Day of Paradism: For a world without work, without money, and without powers, thanks to Artificial Intelligence
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Friday 28 April 2023

May 1st marks the International Day of Paradism ( Within the context of the exponential and inevitable development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Raelians declare that these technologies offer hope and a bright future for our humanity, freed from work, money, and power.

“AGI is an extraordinary step forward, and if used in the service of human well-being and fulfillment, it is the key to a new level of civilization as well as a society of leisure and abundance known as Paradism,” explained Jean-Pierre Saulnier, Raelian Guide and spokesman for Paradism in Europe.

Recent progress in the creation of AGI has caused growing concern around the world, even among those who designed them. “AGI fears are misplaced. It is not the excess of intelligence that we should fear, but rather the lack of love," he added.

According to a recently published article by Jarel Aymonier, engineer and leader of the International Campaign for Paradism, intelligence is defined as the ability to process information quickly and accurately. Although very powerful, it is neutral, neither inherently good nor bad. It is the use of intelligence that can be powerfully good or powerfully bad (see

“The development of AGI is excellent news," continued Jean-Pierre Saulnier. “It will bring down capitalism by eliminating work and money, and the controlling powers of the elite. AGI can better represent human beings than politicians because its sole purpose will be to help people self-govern and make collective decisions."

In view of this new model for our humanity, the spokesperson emphasizes that governance by AGI is a democratic anarchy. “It is a form of anarchy because there is no need for a power structure and direct democracy when AGI is designed to serve humans."

The Paradism concept was first thought of by Raël, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, and the first campaign was launched in 2009. Its goal is to turn the Earth into a paradise. Based on the rise of new technologies and their application, Paradism is a political system in which the working class and all forms of human labor are replaced by robots, nanobots, and computers, capable of doing much better than humans. Under such conditions, humans can instead devote their lives to their personal development and to doing what makes them happy: creating, doing research, studying, practicing art, etc.

"An AGI designed to love us and used with humanistic values is a guarantee for a wonderful future, more abundant, more equitable, more just, and more satisfying than anything we have ever known and imagined. That is what Paradism would look like," concluded Jean -Pierre Saulnier.

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