News Item: Rael : it is urgent to remove all violence and hatred from religious scriptures
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Wednesday 20 February 2008

Europe has been trapped in a religious debate for the past decade, trying to ban philosophies that they believe do not respect its Constitution from parts of its diverse territory.

Some states have focused on religious minorities; Greece has been chasing Jehovah witnesses, France has outcast more than 150 religious minorities while in Germany, a senator has asked for Scientology to be banned.

In the Northern parts, countries are more concerned with the Koran. Danish embassies have suffered several attacks after the publication of the famous caricatures of Mohammad that offended the Muslim world. In Holland politician Geert Wilders has asked for the Koran to be banned saying that the Koran is a fascist book which incites violence and that, just like Mein Kampf, should be banned.”

In a statement released in Germany today, Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement asked: “How come the German politician Nagel who asked for Scientology to be banned for its non-respect of the constitution, doesn’t say anything about the Koran?”

He added: “The Koran calls for the murder of Jewish people, of Christians, atheists and homosexuals. It even recommends, among other things, to abuse women. Isn’t it more contrary to the Constitution than whatever the Church of Scientology proposes? Nagel demonstrates here either his lack of competence or his cowardice while he chooses to attack inoffensive Scientologists instead of the Muslims who encourage such crimes.”

He added: “Or is it that since the Koran recommends killing Jews, it touches the Nazi vibrations that may still linger in the German public?”

The Raelians of Europe have been calling for another debate to take place as banning has never been a solution to any problem; banning always targets the religion of the others, each human being defending his own god or lack of god in an egocentric and fanatic manner. Instead Rael has been asking for decades that all religious scriptures be censored in order to remove any part of them that induces hatred and violence towards anyone.

‘Instead of banning the Koran like Geert wilders suggests, I propose an intermediate solution which would be to ban the actual version of the Koran which encourages crimes and to replace it by a censored version that wouldn’t include any call for violence and hatred. Peaceful Muslims who are respectful of the Constitution can only accept such a compromise. If they disagree, it will mean that they are in full favor of encouraging these ignominious crimes ; in which case, the Muslim religion would deserve to be banned much more than Scientology !

Rael has long asked for the review of all religious scriptures and offered to change any part of the Raelian scriptures and teachings that aren’t in agreement with the Declaration of Human Rights.

The Raelian philosophy states that all Prophets have transmitted the words of the Scientists who created us originally, those who were taken for god(s) by our ancestors, and these words have been distorted through the ages, their initial peaceful and loving content being changed into the hateful and obscure documents we now know. Rael added :"By removing the hateful words, everyone will be able to see the beauty of the original teachings of our Creators and hopefully this coming generation will abandon the fighting made in the name of god that still ignite the Earth today."

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