News Item: Destruction of Israel to come from refusing Mashiach Rael, not from earthquakes, says Raelian Rabbi
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Monday 03 March 2008

Tel Aviv, March 3rd, 2008 - “Destruction of the State of Israel won’t come from devastating earthquakes, or through the splitting of Jerusalem by Palestinians,” Leon Ariel Mellul, Great Rabbi of the Raelian branch of Judaism, said in a statement issued Sunday. “That’s what rabbis clinging to primitive ideas from the Middle Ages would have us believe, but it’s all rubbish.”

Mellul said perpetuation of myths and illogical views is a step backward, not forward.

“Instead of spreading unfounded nonsense, these rabbis should reread their scriptures to understand the identity of the Elohim as stated in the Bible,” he declared. “And they should also apply one of the main commandments of Judaism: Be ahavta le reacha Kamocha – Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

That commandment is being broken daily in today’s Israel, according to Mellul.

“How can Jews who survived the horror of the Holocaust perpetrate this barbaric and inhumane behavior against the Palestinians?” he asked. “Confining them to squalid towns surrounded by walls is like putting them in concentration camps.”

Stating that such behavior displeases the Elohim, Mellul said Israel’s survival now depends on three things: recognizing Rael as the expected Mashiach and last messenger of the Elohim; permitting the embassy requested by the Elohim – the Third Temple – to be built on Israeli territory; and showing love and compassion for all human beings.

These conditions are not being met, the Raelian rabbi declared, so time is of the essence.

“YHWH himself – the leader of the Elohim – called us ‘the people with a stiff neck’ for our arrogant and spiteful behavior toward their prophets,” Mellul said. “In the messages the Elohim gave to Mashiach Rael, which are in his book ‘Intelligent Design,’ Yahweh directed a special message to the people of Israel, warning of the destruction of our country and a new Diaspora in years to come if we fail to act while there’s still time.

“Therefore, understand and act on this message from our creators. Don’t waste time weeping at the Wailing Wall and asking for the return of the Mashiach, for he is here right now, giving you this final opportunity! Today you can lament and pray at the outside wall – all that’s left of the Second Temple. But tomorrow, if you continue to ignore Yahweh’s message, no two stones will remain joined together in our country, which will soon know utter desolation. No wall will remain standing to absorb your tears. Sons of Israel, open your eyes before it’s too late!”

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